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I'm a fine art landscape and portrait photographer, primarily focused on documenting the people and places of New Mexico, my lifelong home. My photographs most frequently tell the stories of Catholic faith in New Mexico - a faith so ingrained in this place it feels part of the very earth itself, and which takes on ever-evolving forms. Almost as often, my images relate tales of the New Mexican landscape, with its massive skies, majestic clouds, and incredible vistas. 

Though I enjoy making photographs just about anywhere, you're most likely to find me in New Mexico - hopping between my favorite places (and finding new ones) in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos. And if I'm not out somewhere with the camera, I might be editing photographs, making my own prints, sharing the art of photography with others through teaching... or enjoying red chile enchiladas with a strong margarita.  

(Photo cred: Abie Livesay) 

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